Teens and Hair Dye: Cause for Concern or Harmless Creative Expression

hair coloring, hair dye, teen hair, hair trendMargo is a 16- year-old from Winnetka, Il. She loves doing improv, working for her school’s newspaper and being with her friends. Her favorite subject is English because writing is her passion.


What is up with teens and hair dye?  What do you do if your teen is looking to dye their hair?


Blonde, brunette, redhead.  In the past, it was pretty much a guarantee to fall under one of these three categories.  But today, there is no security in hair color.  Pinks, blues, purples; there is no limit as to how far teens will go with their hair.  This growing trend has become popular throughout schools all over the country.  It has become so common, that walking down the hallway without passing a colorful or dramatic head of hair is a very rare occurrence.


As a teen with colored hair, I have first hand experience with the uneasiness parents feel towards the art of dying.  While some are completely confident about letting their teen go crazy with color, others are much more reserved when it comes to the growing trend. I feel that when a teen decides to express themselves through their hair, it is a very harmless and artistic choice with very little consequence.  Unlike a tattoo or piercing, hair dye is reversible and can be an easy fix.  It is when a teen chooses to change their hair so dramatically and rapidly that there can be a problem.


If a teen is changing their hair color over and over again, that can be a sign of struggling with one’s identity, or a need for attention. It’s a good idea to find out what your teen’s reasoning is for changing their hair color. If your teen is dying their hair to express themselves or to enhance their appearance, it is a natural want and desire.  But, if they are going overboard with hair dye this could be an issue worth talking about.


If you are worried that your teen is changing their hair for deeper set reasons, you should talk to them about why they really want to go to the hair salon.  But, don’t be afraid, for this trend is a very common change that many teens are excited about.  So if your teen comes home with a little added color to their pallet, don’t be too concerned.  This is not a change that will likely come up as a problem in the future.


The worst thing a parent can do if their teen is looking to express themselves is to shoot down their creativity.  So if your teen is looking to change up their hair color, let them try it out.  The worst thing that can happen is a few months of crazy color.  And, who knows.  Maybe the world could use a little brightening up.


Why Does My Daughter Dress Provocatively?

teen fashion clothing, sexy teens, sexy clothes, teen girlsKendal is a passionate and ambitions 16 year old from Jersey. She enjoys leadership roles/partaking in events and organizations, public speaking, listening to music, and photography. In a nutshell, she’s a little bit of everything.

“EXCUSE ME YOUNG LADY, where do you think you’re going in that outfit!?!” About ten years ago she wore corduroy overalls with a sunflower hat; now her drawers are filled with tank tops and short-shorts and she’s got a pair of red flower high heels in her closet. Where did the little girl go? Think your daughter’s outfits are a bit skimpy or her low rise jeans are a tad too low? First let’s break it down to help you understand why teen girls do this, and how you can approach the situation!

With a lot more for them to –um “show”- it’s harder to tell them to keep it under wraps. Don’t worry parents, there’s a subtler way to flaunt it without overexposing- and an even easier way to say it! One reason why teens will begin to dress differently is because there are new physical elements we would like to show off. To be blunt: new curves= new style. We don’t want to shop in the kids section any longer. It’s all about an edgier look to accentuate our new bodies. As much as you’d like to click the rewind button back to the good ole’ days, we all have to face the facts: She’s growing up (and out).

Just to add another headache for dear old dad, the second purpose teen girls might dress provocatively is for attention from guys. Basic statistics says teen girls are physically attracted to teen guys and frankly, showing a little skin reels them in. Dressing less conservatively makes us appear more like a young woman, not like a child. The media portrays women on the red carpet in sexy dresses with outrageous fashions; magazines with pictures of ladies half naked. The sad truth is that some men seek females who will dress like this. Teenage girls can feel the pressure to dress more mature than their years for the sake of turning the head of a cute boy in the hallway.

The third reason may seem obvious, we teens do not want to appear childish or younger. Because clothing is a way of expression, we would like to express to the world our age. One of the most embarrassing things that can happen is when someone thinks your 12 when you’re really 17. (Considering that height and overall physical appearance play a role, attire does too.) We want to embrace our teen years!

Now what you’ve all been waiting for: how to address the problem.

Okay, so if you think your prima donna is wearing clothing that is suggestive, casually bring it up in conversation mentioning her fashion sense. Use these tips:

  • Remember to not criticize your daughter, keep your cool (even if she doesn’t.)
  • Don’t strike up the conversation when she’s about to walk out the door before going to a party. Instead, a couple days before ask her to try on the outfit and make your comments then. (Just in case you have to make a trip to the store for an exchange.)
  •  Try asking them in a peaceful way if they think their clothing is appropriate for the occasion. It seems less attacking if you ask for their opinion as opposed to thrashing your thoughts on them.
  •  Keep in mind there’s a time and place for everything; let them know that too! Daisy dukes are not for school, if they must, save it for the beach or around the house. And mini skits that are hip hugging are not for church.
  • Teach them about dressing responsibly and that wearing suggestive clothes sends the wrong message.
  • From time to time, compliment them on their outfit of choice if it looks nice; encouragement goes a long way.
  •  Say “I recognize that you’re growing up and I’m not trying to to offend your style, but I don’t think that outfit is suitable today. You have other great choices in your closet; can you please change your clothes?”

Continue to instill appropriate dress to your teenage daughter, it will pay off!



Photo Credit: Robert Bejil Photography

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Teen Trend: Haul Videos – From The Perspective Of A YouTube Beauty & Style Guru

Haul Videos, YouTube, Teen Trends, Teen Fashion, DaisyLove03


Samantha is a 17-year-old from Tulsa, OK. She enjoys babysitting, sewing, drawing, crocheting, writing and anything creative. She loves to hang out with her mom and two sisters and hopes to someday work in the fashion industry.


The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a haul as: ‘(of a person) pull or drag with effort or force.’ By Youtube’s beauty and style community standards, a haul may be defined as: a video, debuting items (clothes, makeup, food, etc.) typically bought on a recent shopping spree. Though hauls may, superficially, seem vain and self-centered, after digging deeper you can see there is a lot of positive that spurs from this trend. This double-edge sword is best left to conclusion after weighing the good from the bad and reading Radical Parenting’s Q&A with DaisyLove03, a popular beauty guru on YouTube. She is adept to answer, having made several different haul videos of her own.



Q&A with YouTube.com/DaisyLove03



How did you get started making haul videos?


“Prior to creating my own channel I was always watching other gurus such as MakeupByTiffanyD, JuicyStar07 and SparkleMissA. I found that it was really fun to watch, especially when their style and preference for clothes/makeup etc we’re really similar to my own. I got started in making haul videos on my channel because a few of my viewers started requesting for them. I didn’t realize how big this trend was until I started doing more research about it!”



Overall, do you believe that haul videos are a positive or negative trend?


“Even though haul videos do carry a negative trend of causing people to purchase unintended items. I find that overall it is a positive way for people to share with others what they are interested in. It is a great way to help inspire, connect and hear feedback about what the latest trends in fashion/cosmetics etc are through networking within this YouTube community.”



Why do you like to make haul videos?


“Creating haul videos is really enjoyable because it gives me a chance to share with others my own personal taste in items. It is a great way to hear feedback! Sort of like going through the items that you just purchased with a friend after a finished shopping trip.”


What is the upside to haul videos?


“The upside to haul videos is that it is a great way for people to share with others what they recently purchased. Usually this is one of the best ways to discover new products that you might have never known of! Also haul videos, in a way, serve as mini reviews. This is a great resource for those who are looking for a second opinion before purchasing.”



What do you think the downside is to hauling?


“Even though creating hauling videos are really fun to do, I believe that there is a downside in doing it. It can often lead people to go shop for unintended items because it is so easy to become infatuated with certain items that are shown in haul videos.”



What makes this kind of video so appealing to watch, especially to teens?


“Haul videos are one of the most popular videos to watch simply because people are curious about what other’s purchase. These videos really appeal to teens because it shows them what the latest and greatest products are and how their fellow peers feel about each product, especially when going through the phases of trying to find your own style.”



Are haul’s your favorite kind of video to make or do you prefer OOTD/Tutorials/Reviews etc.?


“I prefer making Tutorials and Reviews more than Haul videos. I find that Reviews and Tutorials are much more fun to make in my opinion because they are more informative.  I feel that I can really help my viewers by sharing with them my experience and knowledge with a certain product or how to create a new make up look.”



Which one of your haul videos is your favorite?


“One of my favorite haul videos is actually my Hot Topic Haul that I posted recently. I went there to go purchase a Harry Potter ‘Snuggie’ for the premiere. It was a great investment =)”



Check out some of DaisyLove03’s Hauls:


Haul: Harry Potter and more –



A Christmas Haul –



Target Haul! –




As you can deduce from the above Q&A, hauls are rich with positives that prevail over the unfavorable aspects of this trend.


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Radical Parenting Expression: The T-shirt monologue

radical parenting apparel, t-shirt, fashionDomini is a teen marketer intern born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. She loves to draw and dance, and wants to become a computer engineer after she finishes college at UNC Charlotte.

Hello! I’ve been a Teen intern for quite just over a year now, and I have really liked the Radical Parenting method, as well as working as an intern for the company. So far I’ve been trying to spread the word about the company through out my family and even my friends who have seemed to be bridging a gap between themselves and their parents. It has been a joy to work for the company, and now that I’m moving on to college I do realize that I probably won’t be able to find the time to do my interning job anymore, (though if I could I really would!). So, in the end I wanted something to remember my time with this great company, founded on an even greater basis, which is to bring family closer together through the means of understanding and realizing that tradition isn’t for everyone.

One day I had stumbled upon a website called CafePress, and began to make my own personal T-shirts to wear. Then I though that maybe this would be the place were I could start something new for all the supportive teens and parents behind this movement. So I e-mailed Ms. VanPetten, and we talked back and forth for a little while until BAM! There it was, a place were we could really show our support for Radical Parenting physically.

I started with a few basic ideas that I thought would be funny and then a couple of interns came and had suggestions of their own, which I hope they continue to have so I can keep putting up new shirts. I’ve heard that there are parents as well as teens out there who have been wanting a shop put up, and now there is, so hopefully this will spread the word of Radical Parenting even faster, making a permanent dent in the old ways and continuing the spread of this new wave of parenting and understanding between kids and adults. There are a good variety of items for parents, teens, moms-to-be, and even babies! It’s worth checking out and hopefully it will be a long standing Idea that people will enjoy, and continue to add to.

Check it out! http://www.cafepress.com/Radicalparenting

Did you like this post? Check out our new book: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded? This is the groundbreaking new parenting book written by Vanessa and her teens! Get a secret view into the world of adolescents and prescriptive advice on everything from lying, to texting to procrastination.

Fashion for the Ages

Teen fashion, teen trends, teen clothing trends, what to wearAshlynn is a 15 year-old from Washington, she enjoys babysitting, writing, and her favorite subject is science because she wants to be a forensic anthropologist.

I often go out and notice a lot of parents matching their children, whether it is their hair, their clothes, or even (depending on the age) their makeup! Celebrities such as Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri, who share the same adorable bob cut, and Angelina Jolie who dresses Shiloh to be the cutest mommy look-alike, or even David Beckham and nine-year old son Brooklyn Joseph who sported the same jerseys at a Lakers game and looked charming! The parent/child look-alike trend is growing more popular every day. Although parents and adults play a major part in the fashion world, teens are considered to be the most important nowadays, with their spunky, playful looks that everyone loves.


For many adults right now, the top trends include the plain Jane, casual look. Because most adults have past their experimental stage, they prefer to go for looks that are more laid back and simple. Tucked-in blouses and high-waisted pants are popular if you are going for that daring appearance. Light, bright summer dresses are becoming the rage for summer, and fur coats with matching boots are great at keeping you looking fashionable and feeling warm and cozy all at one time. Accessories are a must when trying to pull off a classy look and it’s true what they say: the bigger the better! Immense gem and rhinestone necklaces go great with a light summer dress, or a sheer blouse. Gigantic bows are becoming popular on coats, shoes, and even headbands! These large accessories keep you looking sophisticated and feminine. Not only what you are wearing is important, but where you get the clothing is imperative as well. Hollister is becoming a favorite for everyone; famous footwear has great deals on shoes this summer, and Vera Bradley is becoming popular for everything, but known for its great duffel bags. Despite many trends being for women, men are now playing a bigger role in the fashion world with their admired slip-on shoes, gold watches, and their argyle sweaters. Men like to accessorize too, and they usually like to follow the classy, good boy style with their Thom Browne eyewear, and their Aéropostale jeans and tight Tee. Mommy trends are becoming trendy as well (who says just because you are pregnant you can’t look great?). During pregnancy women like wearing what is cute and comfortable. Yoga pants are popular, as well as skinny jeans and a long sleeved maternity blouse. After the kiddo is born, the trends for mommies are adorable, sparkling yoga pants from places such as Victoria’s Secret, or leggings, boots, and a long top.


Teens are the gods and goddesses of creative fashion. We like bright color, funky printing, odd shapes, as well as inspiration. We often look at celebrities and try to imitate their latest hairstyle or most recent makeup look. We see our peers at school, and other hot teens on the streets and we try to decode their fashion statement and remember where we last saw an outfit like that. Also, us teens like to look in the latest magazines such as Teen Vogue and Seventeen, to find the latest trends.  Being the year 2011, all the rage right now is: leggings with dresses or flannels. Leggings are a popular choice because they show of you amazing body, and they are comfortable, but most importantly they go with anything, whether it is a skirt, dress, just a checkered sweater, or even under pants just to keep you warm! Patterns are becoming admired by many with looks such as leopard, zebra and even floral on skinny jeans. Sequined dresses are a must have, many celebs are wearing them on the red carpet to add a little extra Bling to their wardrobes. Blanket coats, and knit sweaters are great trends in the winter, and jean and floral dresses are hot in the summer. Not only are patterns and styles the growing trends, but colors are becoming more popular as well. Specific trends are only set in colors such as red, and pink, but Black and white is becoming the most favored by all. Clothes are not all that’s in right now; big hair and bright makeup are becoming the trends of today, whether it is bright pink lips with green eye shadow, or the dark nails that celebrity lily Allen would pull off, the trends of today may or may not be the trends of tomorrow.


Everyday a new style is being invented somewhere. Despite fashion trends being the most popular type of trend, there are lots of patterns and trends with things such as behavior, actions, and even networking trends. It is good to follow trends to be caught up in the world with all the latest fashions, moods, and places to shop, but it is important also to start your own trend. Don’t be a follower, but instead be a leader because what is “all the rage” today may not be tomorrow, but you may be able to start something that will be favored forever. And remember to “Be yourself…everyone else is already taken.”-Oscar Wilde



Fashion Night Out 2010: Current Teen Trends

Ichien is a 17 year old who was born and raised in Queens, NY. During her free time, she can be found in the midst of crowded streets shopping, going to a movie theater, filming, reading or writing. She loves the bright city lights at night and adores the city that never sleeps. She has a passion for filming and writing and hopes that one day she can make use of her passion to inspire the world.

“Walk, walk, fashion baby,” as Lady Gaga would say in her song “Romance.” The zeitgeist of the evening was perfect for strutting your stuff and expressing yourself through fashion. It’s the time of the year again when the art of fashion is celebrated globally. On September 10, retail stores, designers and celebrities joined together for the second year to celebrate the fashion and celebrate the Fashion Night Out event. Trendsetters and trend followers would sashay up and down the stylish streets of New York City. During this special event, you can’t help but wonder what are the new trends for this season.

Here is a list of the fall trends:

1. RAWR. . .Show your fierce side with animal prints!

Animal prints are making a statement and they are here to stay this season. From leopard prints to cheetah prints, anyone can rock out their favorite animal and be Sasha Fierce.

2. Aren’t flowers pretty?

Floral print is so “IN” this year. With all these patterns floating around, the floral pattern is one that is definitely blooming. These floral prints are feminine and cute to wear. From skirts to leggings to blouses there’s a need to show off those flowers!

3. Jean + Leggings = JEGGINGS

Jeggings are the new skinny jeans. They are stretchy, comfortable and they hug your curves. What’s not to like about them?

4. Leather is bringing sexy back

The 50’s are making a comeback once again. It’s nice to keep a leather jacket in your closet when you’re in the mood for the rocker scene.

5. Neo Neon

Want to add a bit of color in your wardrobe; something that pops and stands out? Neon colors are becoming trendy this season.

They’re bright, colorful and fun kinds of color to mix and match.

6. Attention please the military is making a comeback!

Feeling patriotic? Military jackets are so “in” because they give off a classy, chic look. A must have this season!

7. Patterns…PLAID

Plaid is still the one of the popular patterns to wear. It’s cute and casual to wear any day.

Ask-A-Teen Column: Winter Fashion on a Budget

This article is by Renae and Sofia, the writers of the Ask A Teen Column where readers can write in to ask our teens for advice, email boostforyouth@gmail.com for your question.

“What to wear for winter 2009 teenagers? Are there a couple of cool winter staples my family and I can get now while sales are on in a bad economy?

Skinny Denim
For Winter 2009, Gap releases the 1969 Premium Jeans Collection. It revolved around an American classic and the brand’s most iconic product. Guy’s and girl’s fits were reworked at every level and transformed into a series of amazingly fitting premium jeans that are popular with the jeans that are popular with the teens. Best of all, they’re all under $70. Quality jeans that last without having an outrageous receipt.

Let’s take a look at what Old Navy has! They’ve got what they call “Weekend Jeans” that are versatile with the changing seasons. They go good with summer tank tops and go even better with winter coats. $34.50

Military Jacket…Like this! This Women’s Double-Breasted Military Blazer is a very comfortable fit and the colors make it easy to mix and match with different types of jeans and accessories. $39.50

Cable Knit Zip

Cuuuuuuute!! I personally love stripes and this Cable-Knit Zip Hoodie screams soft and warm! Only $20.00!


Faux Suede Tall Boots

Women’s Fauxe Suede Tall Boots are durable and only $34.50

~ Renae is a 16-year-old from Lowell, MI. She is a creative individual who spends a lot of her time reading and learning Japanese because she would like to become a Journalist in Japan.

In today’s economic state, high-priced brand names are not on everyone’s mind for the latest fashions.  Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive places that sell adorable clothing and when mixed and matched together, can create an outfit envied by all.

Since Ugg boots are a little too pricey, try Emu’s or Bear Paw boots, which are at least 100 dollars cheaper.  These boots are available in tan and black which can go with virtually any outfit.  They work great with skinny jeans and even sweatpants.  Sweatpants, a white t-shirt, and the boots create a cute, yet comfortable outfit. 

Fruit of the Loom and Hanes are great brands for white t-shirts and v-necks and they are also extremely low-priced.  Not only are these fluffy boots fashionable, but they also keep your feet nice and warm.

Another growing winter fashion, is the knitted cardigans and sweaters.  They work by keeping you warm when you need it but they also breathe.  They work best with leggings and a small white tanktop underneath. 

Cardigans fit loosely and are comfortable and easy to move around in. They are easy to find; places that keep knitted sweaters and cardigans can be found at Target, K-mart, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister (an inexpensive version of Abercrombie), and JC Penny in the teens section.

Leggings are also a new fashion that can be paired with any t-shirt, dress, or can even be worn under jeans for an extra attempt to keep warm.  Leggings can be found at Forever 21 for only four dollars.

Also, sweatshirts never go out of style, a plain, old sweatshirt is comfortable and the benefit of wearing anything underneath always helps out if you get too hot and need to take it off.   Sweatshirts look great with jeans or sweatpants and paired with boots, it works great.

Even wearing heavy dresses, such as crocheted or knitted dresses with tights and boots without the heel looks great but also keeps you warm.  Black and brown tights work great with light colored dresses and just plain black and white tights work wonders with darker colored dresses.

The knitted or crocheted loose, beanie type hats are absolutely adorable and they are fairly priced.  They keep your head warm but they leave room for air as well. They are often worn with dresses or even a plain t-shirt and skinny jeans.  Shoes that go well with these hats are flats and boots.  Try to stay away from the Ugg style boots; they usually do not pair as well with these.

~ Sofia is a 16-year-old from Los Angeles, CA.  She loves the beach, shopping, and enjoys studying psychology because she would like to become a psychologist when she is older.

What Can Brands Do To Keep Teens Interested? [Teen Article]

Carina is a 16 year-old high school student in Grade 11. She is interested in dancing and acting and in her free time enjoys writing stories, or drawing.

What Brands Can do to keep Teens InterestedUs teens love to shop. But have you ever wondered what it is that makes us go back to the same stores?

There are many ways for brands to keep their young customers coming back:

First off, the brands must be appealing. If it’s clothing we are talking about, attraction is a must– meaning, the clothes should be in style. It’s the fashion forward, new and chic styles that will catch us. So, unless we’re bohemian queens that only shop at second-hand stores (which is another option too!), the clothes must be up-to-date.

Another manipulative device companies might use is sales. When stores have sales…stores have customers. Us teens don’t make a whole lot in our part-time jobs, so when our favorite stores hold a sale, they’ll be lucky the doors don’t break down.

Quality is also a big factor in some cases. If we are in dire need of those good workout pants that hug our bottoms so well, then we will pay the price for some great quality fabric (with some help from our parents of course). So sometimes the quality of the goods is what steers us back to a store.

One thing we love to share is charity. If a brand is being charitable by joining forces with an organization, we will be more than happy to contribute. Organizations like Free the Children are great for brands to bond with because of their proceeds helping children around the world to receive better education. Who wouldn’t want to help build a school in Africa and get a nice pair of heels while doing it?

A last good way to keep teens interested, is becoming interactive. Brands that are in high “teen-traffic” areas, that offer more goods, and believe it or not, brands that have their own websites where you can enter contests and find out more, are all ways to keep teens involved.

So to all you brands out there, make sure you reach out to your fellow young adults and keep them. Simply pay attention to our needs of: attraction, sales, quality, charity and relationships!

Happy Shopping!

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