Teen Speakers Bureau

We are very excited to launch our Radical Teen Speaker’s Bureau.  We have a fabulous group of teen writers and teen trendsetters with Radical Parenting (on our Radical Teenagers site) and many of our teens are also awesome motivational and educational speakers.

I have been speaking to parent and teen audiences for over 3 years, and wanted to also train and bring other teen speakers to organizations and groups.

We have a few different teens who speak on a variety of topics based on their areas of interest and expertise.

Teen Speaker Topics:

  • Time Management and Organization
  • Speaking to and Understanding Parents
  • Internet Savvy, Not Just Internet Safety
  • Social Interaction and Cliques: These groups are run from the perspective of peer leaders, helping groups, bullies and cliques talk out differences and build tools for communication.
  • Teens and Partying: The Teen Social Scene Explained for Parents
  • How Teachers and Schools Can Keep Up with Digital Students

See more topics here.

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Teen Focus Groups

blt-area-teen-focus-groupWe do put together focus groups of teens, tweens and parents for companies. In the past, we have reviewed websites, products and software in our Radical Parenting Intern Network and Parent Who Click network of teen and parent trendsetters.

For more information and inquiries, please send manager@scienceofpeople.com the following information:

-Company Name:small-group-800x600

-Desired Demographic (teen, tween, kid, mom, dad)

-Time frame

-Product, website or service to review


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