The Best iPhone App for Teens and Parents: iCurfew

Screen shot 2009-10-21 at 5.16.20 PMRadical Parenting has created an iPhone app!
iCurfew is an easy way for kids and parents to check-in with each other remotely. Kids simply use iCurfews to send their location to their parents in an email.
Whether kids are at the movies, at a friends house, or across the world, they can check-in using iCurfew on cell data networks or Wifi.
Parents don’t have to be nervous any longer; wondering if their kids are really out where they say they are. This app builds trust, and verifies real time location with an un-editable link.
What makes us different: Unlike other teen tracking apps, we want the check-in process to be mutual and encourage open communication. We have made the location link un-editable to ensure parents get the real location of their child. We think this mutually cooperative process encourages stronger relationships between kids and parents.
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Our Mission: To help parents and kids communicate in a technological world and eliminate the need for fighting, nagging and misunderstandings.

App Features:

* Email up to 3 contacts with currently location.
* Link sends parent to Google Map showing current location.
* Easy for kids to use, just hit a few buttons.
* Customize message template. Kids can add their own message on pick up time, change of plans, etc.
* Kids can easily send their location to parents picking them up from sporting events and concerts.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Touch iCurfew icon to launch.
2. “Hit Check-in Now”
3. After location is determined, hit “Send my location.”
4. Send email to preselected parent contact, and your done!

Why This Application is For Parents of All Ages

  • This can be used as a simple “pick me up here” tool for parents who need to pick up their kids at a new location.
  • Great for sending directions from kids to parents or parents to kids when they need to meet up.
  • We even have couples who use it to let each other know where they are to meet at a restaurant or to check in while traveling.
  • It’s only $0.99!

You can buy this now from your iPhone or directly from the iTunes store.