Web Business Diagnostic Report

What Do You, Your Blog and Your Online Business Need?

— More traffic?

— A money-making blog?

— To build your social media platform?

Your business might need a re-set and fresh start to fully leverage the content and energy you are putting into your business.

Our goal is to help increase your traffic, brand awareness and revenue WITHOUT increasing spending on advertising.

I would love to talk to you about how to increase your profitability and make your business more successful.

Our Process

1. We will run a complete report for you analyzing your traffic, page rank, content, website design, branding, messaging and incoming links.

2. Then, we will have a 30-minute followup call to go over our findings. During this call, we will go over your most pressing concerns, your goals for your business and what you need the most help with.

3.  We will send you a set of action steps to outline everything you need to handle your situation right now.

How to Get Started

To get your report and call on the books:

1. Click Here for the Web diagnostic form. Download the form, complete it, and email or mail it to the email/address shown.

2. Once we receive the email with your basic information, we will send you an invoice for the payment.  You can pay this three ways:

  • Email or mail us your credit card information.
  • Click on the invoice we send you and pay via paypal.
  • Send a check to the address we send you in the email.

3. Once we process your credit card info or receive your check, within 2 business days, we’ll complete the evaluation diagnostic of your web site and schedule a 30 minute call with you to review our findings and issues.

4. Within 2 Days after the call we will prepare the action step solution report for your website.

5. You are welcome to book follow-up calls with us.

If you have any questions, please call feel free to email us:manager@scienceofpeople.com.

To Your Success,


Vanessa Van Petten

Founder of RadicalParenting.com