Youthologist: Someone who studies, follows, and observes youth trends, activities and issues. Youthologists also work with youth as coaches and mentors.

Vanessa calls herself a youthologist because she loves working with and helping youth.  Not only does she work with hundreds of youth everyday writing articles, discussing current issues for teens and tweens, but she also connects with parents to share insights into their kids. There are two aspects of the youthologist mission:

1) Youth and Family Research

We are the hub for teaching and using studies in parenting advice. We specialize in using social and emotional literacy to connect teens and parents. By using research on social and emotional intelligence we teach parents and teens how to better read each other. This is a totally new technique in parenting and youth relationships. To follow this part of our program, check out these pages:

  • Science of Family Research: This is where we gather the latest research on families, youth and kids and put it into relevant and relatable articles so we can apply the research to our every day lives.
  • EmoSocial Intelligence Research: EmoSocial intelligence is a combination of emotional and social intelligence. It is a person’s ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself and then to be able to effectively interact, maintain and build relationships with others. We think this is an essential part of a mentor’s work with youth and an important part of child-parent interactions.

2) Youth Mentors

Vanessa also works with teens through her internship to train them on professional skills such as online media, blog PR and gives advice on career choices in writing, journalism and online publications.

If you would like to train to be a youthologist, email your resume to Vanessa selects 5 individuals every year to work with her and help them set-up their own youth mentoring practice.

20 thoughts on “Youthologist”


  2. I am interested in learning more about your program and wondered what the time frame is for the training. Thank you.

  3. This is a wonderful progam and there is a great need for Youthologists today. I have been teaching for over 16 years and if ever there was a need for young people to be heard and understood, now is the time. I would love an opportunity to someday become a youthologist myself.

  4. Hi! I am interested and considering sending in an application. I currently work with at-risk youth in our school system and think there could be a use for someone of this nature within our community! Thanks!

  5. I am a little confused. Are you a liscensed psychologist/psychiatrist/social worker? After watching you on the “Housewives of Orange County” I guess your a therapist. I’m jsut looking for a little clarification if there are theraputic aspects to the program and what skills are taught. Thanks.

  6. HI

    No, I have a training program built by youth for youth that works with kids on organization, study skills, resumes and passion projects, not therapy.


  7. I had no idea that there was such a thing. I am so excited about it though. I have been talking for a while about wanting a job where I can be in charge of the hours I work and make good money, but ultimately with a passion to help people. I feel like I have unique experience for working with youth and parents. I was 14 when I had my first child and now I am a proud mother of 2 boys and I am 22. It would have been very beneficial back then if I knew how to communicate with my parents and vice verse, especially at such a tense time. I am very interested in working with youth and parents from all backgrounds and I can see how this program could be helpful in realizing that dream. I have been unsure about how to get my foot in the door in my city, but I am sure there is a need for a youthologist here. I would definitely need help with that and the whole media aspect. Thank You so much!

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